Astronaut Helmet of SCIENCE

Astronaut Costume Helmet [FOR PRE-ORDER ONLY]


This helmet comes in 2 different styles and is the most important accessory for our Space Suits.

Availability: Out of stock


This listing is for pre-odering items for Halloween through the end of September. Orders will not be fulfilled until early-October. As such, pre-orders are priced at 20% off the normal retail price. Plus, all pre-orders will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card! 1 entry per item pre-ordered. So if you pre-order a suit, gloves, and helmet, you will earn 3 entries!

Customers will be notified when their order has been fulfilled and will be able to pick them up at our retail store, or we can ship them to you if you choose so at checkout.

Silver only available in Simple style.



Simple: Ages 3-10, lightweight, foam-padded edge, manual visor

Deluxe: Ages 8+, rests on shoulders rather than head, visor push-button, internal speaker with message from Mission Control.

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