20 Mini Neodymium Magnets in Test Tube

These 4mm cubes may look dainty, but they are surprisingly superb magnets. We had these specially manufactured to the strongest magnetization such a tiny amount of material could handle (according to the specialists).

Each tube contains 20 neodymium rare-earth magnets rated N42. This means they are capable of holding about 4lbs EACH.

These make great fridge magnets, tool holders, crafting aids or just something to tinker with.

**CAUTION: These magnets are not toys and should not be given to young children. If swallowed, they can pinch internal organs. Do not put these in any body orifice**


  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4mm
  • Qty: 20
  • Rating: N42
  • Pull force: 4lb. each
  • Coating: Nickel


Idea: Hang your unframed art without putting pinholes in it. Put flat thumbtacks in the wall under the corners of the art, and a magnet on top of each corner to pinch it to the wall.

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