We love you, Texas. However, due to some misguided and archaic (but well-intentioned) drug enforcement laws, it is illegal for us to sell the items listed below to anyone in Texas without the proper permit. If you are a Texas resident or business, and you order any of the "controlled substances" below, you are acknowledging that you have a permit and it is up to date.

  • Condensers
  • Distilling Apparatus
  • Vacuum Driers
  • Distilling Flasks
  • Erlenmeyer Flasks
  • Florence Flasks
  • Round Bottom Flasks
  • Filtering Flasks
  • 1-Neck Flasks
  • 2-Neck Flasks
  • 3-Neck Flasks
  • Buchner Funnels
  • Filtering Funnels
  • Separatory Funnels
  • Soxhlet Extractors
  • Flask Heaters
  • Heating Mantles
  • Adapter Tubes





Texas Controlled Substances Code: http://bit.ly/2qe9ttI
Permit Application: http://bit.ly/2qis7wx

Don't like this rule? Let your reps know!
Current Texas Senate members: http://bit.ly/2jZ0wjq
Current Texas House of Representatives members: http://bit.ly/1NErbZ4